Fast Food - Chinese Style

Normally I like to cook from scratch, but realistically, there are days when I just can't be bothered. On those days it's good to have a set of staples in the fridge or pantry to whip up some fast food. Vegie stir fry definitely fits the definition, and salt and pepper tofu, while not a staple, is definitely fast. All up, dinner was ready in around 20 minutes, which is faster than going out for take away, and most likely a fair bit cheaper too.

Salt and pepper tofu

1 packet tofu puffs
1/4 cup ground rice
2 tspns finely ground black pepper
2 tspns finely ground salt
spray olive oil
oil for frying


Combine the salt, pepper and ground rice in a bag. Lightly spray the tofu puffs with oil. Place in the bag and shake to coat with rice mixture. Preheat oil to smoking point. Fry coated puffs until golden - around 2 minutes. Drain. Garnish with fried shallots or fresh sliced red chilli.

Hints for super fast stir fry

  • Keep a bag of stir fry vegies in the freezer - my favourite blend includes water chestnuts, baby corn and bamboo shoots along with snow peas, broccoli, red capsicum and onion.
  • Keep bottles of minced garlic and minced ginger.
  • Make sure ground five spice is in your seasoning collection.
  • Always have a bottle of stir fry sauce of some variety on hand. Mushroom flavoured stir fry sauce is great for vegetarians, oyster sauce is good for carnivores.
  • Shelf fresh noodles are a good addition if you can't be bothered with rice.


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