Cake pops and bites

My first batch of cake pops were a success in terms of taste and chocolate dipping. However, they really weren't all that interesting to look at. I like glitter as much as the next girl, but so far as cake pop decorating goes, glitter is about as boring as it gets. So when an email advertising a cake pop class landed in my inbox on Monday, I was pretty quick to sign up.

The class was pretty much free-form, so some of my efforts are more basic than others. Judge for yourselves.

Cake bites in chocolate cases; delicious and chocolatey

Chocolate transfer paper makes for a sophisticated cake bite.

White tiger with chocolate stripes. Yummo!

This little bee even has a stinger

More grown up pops

Happy monsters

Sometimes simple is the way to go


G.I. said...

Love the Pops — the critters look great & the chocolate encased ones, delish!

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