Cakes and pops

It's Sunday night and I've just finished off a weekend full of cooking with a batch of doughnuts. Yummo! But more about that later...

This weekend my most important task was creating a birthday cake for oldest niece, who was celebrating her tenth birthday with 15 girls and a sparkly disco. Obviously I was going to have to try to make a sparkly disco-ish cake.

The photo doesn't show it too well, but the whole cake was covered in holographic glitter - very sparkly! Most importantly, the birthday girl was very happy, especially since the colours and silhouettes matched her invitations.

I'm on a bit of a mission to reduce food waste at the moment. Apparently Australians waste $5.2 billion of food each year! That's a lot of money, and I want to make my share of it as small as possible. So I decided to make cake pops with the left over cake.

All of the recipes I've seen for cake pops suggest buying a packet of red velvet mix and stirring it together with a can of cream cheese frosting. As I'd never seen a can of cream cheese frosting until a visit to US Foods this morning - too late for cake pops, in other words. So I decided to improvise with the half a cup of white chocolate ganache left over from the cake's crumb coat, and about a quarter of a tube of sweetened condensed milk. I mixed it in with what basically amounted to half a butter cake, rolled the mix into balls and set them aside to chill. The next morning I dipped them in melted white chocolate, added lollipop sticks and a dusting of edible glitter. Voila! Cake pops, and not a can of cream cheese frosting in sight.

These were so easy to make that I'll definitely give it another shot next time I have some spare cake and ganache to mix with it. 


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